Now here is a unique modification of what we tend to take for granted in terms of sending our tweets via a variety of digital platforms and devices – an analog device that functions as your Twitter client. Yes sir, this neat little hack that is known as the Tweephone will hold an Arduino chipset underneath the hood, where it will be smart enough to interpret your pulls of the dial as letters. Similar to a phone that comes with only a dial pad, you will need to ring up the relevant numbers multiple times in order to achieve the right letter.

Lost yet? Allow me to explain better – for example, you dial “2” twice and you end up with a “b”, kapish? Seems like those non-T9 alphanumeric keypads then. I suspect it will take you an extremely long time to send out a 140-character message, making this more of a curiousity than your preferred Twitter device of choice. I do wish the dial’s numbers had corresponding letters to make it easier.

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