If you’ve recently gotten yourself a new Verizon phone, such as the HTC Rezound or the Motorola Droid RAZR, you will notice that a few feature has been installed in Verizon’s new phones, and it is the auto WiFi notification system. This new notification system appears to alert the user whenever apps or services that may require a large amount of data is launched.

For example if the user were to launch Google Voice or the Android Market, the notification would pop up, informing the user that the phone was connecting automatically to a WiFi network that was previously setup on the phone before. For those who don’t rely on WiFi networks that much, this could prove to be rather annoying, but for those on tiered data plans this could prove to be a great way to conserve data.

Since unlimited plans are starting to come to an end, tiered data plans are coming in, and the cost of breaching your data cap can prove to be a costly affair. Verizon has thought about that, thus the automated WiFi connectivity, which aims to help conserve your data by connecting your phone to a WiFi network when possible. If you’d like to enable/disable this feature, head on down to Settings > Wireless & Network > Wi-Fi Settings > Check/uncheck the “Notify Me” box.

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