Yes, we know that the Vertu Constellation was introduced to the masses sometime in October, being the first handset from the luxury label to sport touchscreen functionality. Well, it seems that the handset was rolled out in London last night, where those who are close to the brand all gathered for a rather grand evening, being able to admire at the new touchscreen smartphone by Vertu over at the Farmiloe Building.

Of course, I am quite sure that the luminaries among the guests are all able to afford a Vertu at a moment’s notice, but whether they will part with their money is another question. Do the super rich really want something as functional as an iPhone or as open ended like an Android handset, or does the amount of bling on the phone actually matter in the long run? I suppose that there will always be a percentage who figure out that luxury is more important than being practical, while other more prudent rich folks think otherwise. [Press Release]

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