When it comes to luxury handsets, there’s a good chance that Vertu comes to mind. The company has been selling their luxury mobile devices for years now, although their latest handset might be its most ostentatious yet. Dubbed the SIGNATURE Cobra, this is the latest handset from Vertu and it is also a limited edition model.

As you can see in the image above, the handset looks like your typical Vertu phone, with the main difference being that it features a snake wrapped around the edge of the phone. We can’t imagine that it will be particularly ergonomical to use or practical, but it will most definitely turn some heads should you whip it out in public.

The phone will feature 439 rubies crammed into the body to form the snake, with the eyes of the snake said to be made out of two emeralds. It is extremely limited edition where there will only be 8 such devices to exist in the world, which is why its full price is said to be roughly $360,000, but at the same time ordering one will also see the handset being delivered to you via helicopter.

Note that this is not a smartphone. This is just a regular feature phone that has been blinged out, so exactly who would want or need such a device is beyond us.

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