Vertu has long been a manufacturer of luxury phones. The phones didn’t really push the boundaries of technology. They used to have decent specifications but were made out of outrageously expensive materials and hence were some of the most expensive handsets ever made. Things haven’t been going so well for Vertu and it shut down its manufacturing operations in the UK last month. The company is now auctioning off its back catalog of phones.

The entire collection of 105 phones is listed on Bid Spotter. These devices from the Vertu museum feature models dating as far back as 2002. Many of the handsets are finished in expensive materials like 18-karat gold and titanium. Some are set with diamonds.

As you’d expect, they are not cheap. Bidding starts at $26,000. G J Wisdom & Co, the auctioneer, points out that some of the models in this lineup are concepts so they are not operational.

If you’ve always liked Vertu phones and have a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket, perhaps you’d like to take part in this auction.

Given that some of the models in this collection used to cost up to $30,000 a piece back in the day, an entire collection of 105 Vertu phones for $26,000 almost sounds like a steal.

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