Vertu Auctioning Off Its Back Catalog Of Phones

Vertu has long been a manufacturer of luxury phones. The phones didn’t really push the boundaries of technology. They used to have decent specifications but were made out of outrageously expensive materials and hence were some of the most expensive handsets ever made. Things haven’t been going so well for Vertu and it shut down its manufacturing operations in the UK last month. The company is now auctioning off its […]

Vertu Shuts Down UK Manufacturing Operation

You may have heard of Vertu, the UK-based manufacturer sells smartphones with decent specifications and expensive materials. Vertu hands can easily run into thousands of dollars and while it may have healthy margins on these products, they don’t seem to be enough to solve its money problems. Vertu has £128 million debt and since the owner can’t pay creditors, the company is shutting down its manufacturing operations in the United […]

Vertu’s Expensive Phones Will Now Have TCL Technology

You may have heard of China-based TCL. It produces and sells smartphones under the Alcatel and Turing brands. It’s also the exclusive contract manufacturer for BlackBerry-branded devices. The company also produces TVs for Samsung, owns the Palm brand, and co-brands TVs with Roku. It has now entered into a new partnership with luxury mobile phone brand Vertu to supply it with smartphone technology.

Limited Edition Vertu SIGNATURE Cobra Handset Announced

When it comes to luxury handsets, there’s a good chance that Vertu comes to mind. The company has been selling their luxury mobile devices for years now, although their latest handset might be its most ostentatious yet. Dubbed the SIGNATURE Cobra, this is the latest handset from Vertu and it is also a limited edition model.


It Looks Like Vertu Has A New Owner (Once Again)

We’re not sure how many of you guys knew this, but luxury phone maker Vertu used to belong to Nokia back in the day. We know both companies and their products couldn’t be more different from each other in terms of design and intended audience, but that is a fact. However in 2012, Nokia sold the company off, and in 2015 it was sold again.

New Vertu Constellation Luxury Handset Is For The ‘Global Traveller’

Vertu today introduced its new Android Marshmallow powered luxury handset called the Constellation. The company says this smartphone is aimed at the “global traveller” as it has dual-SIM functionality and support for 34 international bands and protocols. That global traveller needs to be loaded as well because Vertu smartphones aren’t exactly cheap.

Vertu Aster Chevron Luxury Android Smartphone Announced

Vertu is a brand that many of you guys associate with luxury smartphones, and yes, it looks like the brand is still around which suggests that despite most of us thinking that their phones tend to be underpowered and overpriced, there is a demand for it, and the company has taken the wraps off its latest offering: the Vertu Aster Chevron.

Vertu Launches Signature Touch For Bentley Android Smartphone

Vertu is a brand that many have come to associate with luxury smartphones, which also means that collaborating with other high-end brands is to be expected. Just last year, Vertu teamed up with Bentley to create the Vertu Signature, which is basically a feature phone with premium materials and the Bentley badge slapped on it. If you were hoping for a smarter option, you’re in luck as Vertu is back […]

Luxury Smartphone Maker Vertu Will Be Sold Off (Again)

For those who are unfamiliar with Vertu, they are a smartphone manufacturer that specializes in creating luxury handsets. For those hankering for a bit of trivia, Vertu was a brand that was created by Nokia but in 2012, the Finnish company decided to sell off the brand but at the same time retaining a 10% stake in the company. Fast forward to today, it looks like Vertu will be selling […]

Vertu Launches New Signature Touch Smartphone

When you think of brands like Vertu, you probably think of devices made with luxurious materials and super expensive price tags, along with a set of specs that aren’t very impressive, at least not impressive enough to justify those prices. If that is the case, then Vertu’s newest smartphone the Signature Touch will probably surprise you a bit. For starters instead of choosing some low-end chipset, Vertu has gone with […]

Vertu Could Look Into Wearables

Luxury brand Vertu, a name that more often than not comes with an extremely high price tag where its handsets are concerned, making your iPhone 6s look like it is picked up from the bargain bin, might have set their eyes on a whole new market – at least for them, and this would be the wearable tech segment. After all, the likes of the fast selling Apple Watch and […]

Vertu’s Next Phone Has Impressive Specifications

  Vertu is a popular British manufacturer of luxury goods, it has been making luxury mobile phones for quite some time now which are known more for their craftsmanship, quality and premium materials as opposed to their specifications. The company’s mobile phones are more status symbol than powerful communication tool but its next device might change this perception.

Vertu Targets Bentley Owners With New Handset

It goes without saying that if you happen to have a Bentley in your garage, you are pretty much set for life, with a nice and fat bank account, a lovely mansion for a home, as well as other exotic rides that you alternate each day just for variety. How about making sure that you also communicate in style in order to be different from the rest of the business […]

Vertu Clous De Paris Is Worthy Of A Valentine’s Day Gift

February 14th is about to creep up on us – slowly but surely. The big question is this – if you so happen to have an other half, just what kind of gift would you want to pick up for him or her? The usual flowers and chocolates would be able to do very nicely, but there are times in life when one has “arrived”, so to speak, and perhaps […]