Back in the day when phones were relatively cheap (compared to our $1,000 smartphones), there were brands such as Vertu who created devices priced in the thousands. This wasn’t because their phones were better, at least not technologically speaking, but because they were decked out in luxurious materials.

Is the brand planning on making a comeback? It certainly seems that way as Vertu has recently sent out invitations to Chinese media, inviting them to an event that will be taking place on the 17th of October. Details of what will be announced remains to be seen, but given their background we can only assume it will be something luxurious.

Vertu, for those unfamiliar, used to belong to Nokia before they were sold off. We haven’t really heard much from the company in recent times, where last we heard back in August 2017, they were trying to auction off their back catalog of phones. However it looks like the company could be getting ready to make a comeback, although given the prices of their phones in the past, we expect that their new devices will most likely continue to appeal to a rather niche and wealthy group of customers who might be able to justify a smartphone made of gold decked out in rubies and diamonds.

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