Never mind the 300 million people who call it soccer, we go by majority here, where the “beautiful game” is football – and it has achieved yet another world record in the form of a QR code. Yes sir, Betfair recently filmed the world’s biggest QR code that is made up of nothing but footballs – although they had the help of 8 lovely assistants forming the code on the field, dressed in black and white. How do you scan a QR code that takes up most of the football field? Well, as part of the promotion of the Ireland versus Estonia match, a couple of skydivers were summoned, where they had to use their smartphones while free-falling to scan the codes at speeds of 130mph over the Aviva stadium – placing the world’s first mobile bet in the process with €500 ending up at some charity. More than 2,000 balls were used to compose the code, in addition to a helicopter and plenty of co-ordination. Check out the entire process in the video after the jump.


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