How many tattoos do you have on your body? Surely most of them will be images or pictures, with some of us opting to (regretfully) tattoo the name of our ex-girlfriends. Pat Vaillancourt decided to take the path less traveled, and has more than 10,000 URLs inked all over his back and shoulders. Just in case you think that this is overkill, Pat thinks otherwise, as his ultimate goal would be to have 100,000 URLs inked all over his body. 30-year-old Vaillancourt from Quebec, Canada, decided on tattooing as the route to fame. He says, “I want to break a Guinness World Record, but more importantly, I want to help others. And this is my way of doing so.” You can pay him $35 to tattoo your URL on his body, and he will also list it on his website,, where 50% of the proceeds will end up in the direction of Haitians and Somalians. As for the other 50%? Well, he obviously needs to pay a tattoo artist to get the work done, and for promotional purposes. What do you think of this idea? Hopefully it will not end up with too many Error 404s…

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