Armstar BodyGuardIf you’re looking for a cool iPhone dock that can keep your phone and you protected at the same time, look no further than Armstar’s The BodyGuard 9XI-HD01. Designed to look like it would fit right in Batman’s arsenal, the BodyGuard is a one-of-a-kind iPhone dock – and I mean it. First of all, it is made from an interesting mix of materials: cotton, Nomex (a flame resistant fiber), and a Kevlar Mix.

Secondly, it packs a whole bunch of features like an Electronic Deterrent, Electronic Control Device, HD camera, flash light, defense shield and safety pin. And yes, in this case Electronic Deterrent means a stun gun that is capable of subduing aggressive people. Oh yes, and it features a slot where you can dock your iPhone (or other mobile device) for communication purposes like Leela’s (from Futurama) handheld communicator.

No word on pricing, but you can contact Armstar for a quotation. The Armstar BodyGuard is definitely one of the most interesting iPhone “docks” that we’ve seen in a long time.

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