It goes without saying that a bus will need to have at least one emergency exit for the simple reason to help save lives just in case some of the passengers are trapped in other parts of the bus, with access to the main entrance/exit blocked. Well, I guess it is only in China where you have a DIY emergency exit solution that is low-tech and yet strangely effective – that is, through the introduction of bricks that will no doubt make short work of any glass given the the right velocity at which it comes into contact.

These bricks will feature Chinese characters that say “for emergency use,” where it has been painted in bright red. According to the Harbin Public Transport Company, around 300 of their 700 strong bus fleet has already been retrofitted with a couple of bricks each, where one of them is stashed under the driver’s seat, while the other is located under one of the rear seats. Hopefully no one would use this as a weapon!

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