A lot of thing can happen in a year, let alone three – and one of the more notable achievements of Google’s Chrome Web browser would be the fact that it has finally zipped past Firefox when it comes to being the second ranked browser in terms of popularity, at least according to StatCounter with their collection of data. It is said that Chrome commands 25.69% of the global browser market share, placing it a wee bit higher than what Firefox has (25.23%). This should not come across as a surprise, since it was just in September earlier this year when a prediction claimed that Chrome will knock Firefox off its perch before the year is over.

Needless to say, it will still be a long time more before Microsoft’s Internet Explorer decides to relinquish its position as top dog in the browser market share, but don’t you think this kind of competition will keep companies on their toes when it comes to releasing newer versions of their hardware? After all, us consumers win out in the end if companies deliver nothing but their very best in their products. Which browser are you rocking to?

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