Robots are starting to get more and more agile these days, and the Japanese as well as the Koreans are spearheading this particular robotic movement with aplomb over the past few years. Dream Robo from Osaka-based industrial equipment maker Muscle Corporation are part of an alliance that involves a handful of other Japanese companies to work on a humanoid robot who can climb ladders without any help. It might not sound like much to us humans, but do bear in mind that it is still quite a challenge to develop robots which are able to walk around smoothly. I suppose some practical applications for such a robot would be to wash windows, change light bulbs, take down curtains with French pleats – the list is endless.

At least it stands a mere 1.4m in height and tips the scales at 30kg, so having it fall down from the ladder will hopefully, not result in damage on the floor as much as heavier robots. Five motors in its body will have it move around, and it remains to be seen whether it will hit mainstream use in due time. What do you think?

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