Now here is something that might just pique your interest – a bunch of flying robots actually got down and dirty, constructing a 20-foot tower in France in the process. There is no need to employ anyone who suffers from vertigo, since these robots have no sense of fear, heights or otherwise. Pay a visit at the FRAC Centre in Orleans where you can check out the “Flight Assembled Architecture,” which is an installation which links robotics as well as architecture, touted to be the first of its kind in the world.

A quartet of quadrocopters have been repetitively lifting 1,500 blocks, placing them precisely in the respective positions to construct this 20-foot tower. The tower itself is inhospitable, but is meant to be a model of a futuristic city that is said to be able to house a whopping 30,000 people. How do these robots do it? Well, they fly autonomously, although they do place individual blocks according to the blueprints.

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