Hitachi had started to ship the first 4TB capacity hard drives in the world, never mind the fact that no press release was issued from Hitachi to date. According to Japanese site Akiba, someone had already spotted said hard drive on sale, where it will boast the model number HDS5C4040ALE630, going by the name Deskstar 5K. The name does point towards it being a lower performance model that has a rotational speed of 5900rpm which Hitachi has dubbed “CoolSpin”, where it will be accompanied by 32MB of cache similar to the ones found in the 2TB and 3TB versions. Apart from that, it uses uses the SATA 6Gb/s interface. Priced at $345 a pop, if you want to compare it, the 3TB Deskstar 5K will cost $254, making the $/GB ratio to be very close. This particular drive does seem to rely on a quartet of platters, making it one more the previous 3TB capacity model.

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