HTC logoMost of you guys may have probably heard about how the ITC handed down its ruling which was basically in Apple’s favor and would ultimately result in the removal, and possible ban, of several of HTC’s products in the US market. Well that piece of news wasn’t too long ago but it looks like HTC may have already figured a way to skirt around the ruling.

According to HTC’s Chief Executive, Peter Chou, it was revealed that the company was already testing a “fix” that would basically comply with the ITC’s ruling and would make their products sellable in the US market. For those unfamiliar, the original patent infringement was over Apple’s Data Detector patent, which basically allows the phone’s software to recognize email addresses, URLs, phone numbers and converts them into links.

No word on the details of the workaround but given how HTC is already testing the software on their phones, it looks like HTC may have already been working on this in the event that the ITC’s ruling ended up in Apple’s favor, which it ultimately did. If HTC gets the new software out in time, the ITC’s ban won’t be in place for long. Either way we’re pretty sure that Apple will not be pleased about this.

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