Indonesia, the largest user of BlackBerry services outside of the US, certainly has the clout to threaten RIM (Research In Motion), that the country’s telecoms regulatory agency, BTRI, will proceed with shutting down RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger and Internet services should the Canadian firm decline to establish BBM servers within the South East Asian country. RIM instead, decided to place their servers in Singapore, without citing any reasons, and according to BTRI, those servers should end up on the soil of the world’s most populous Muslim country simply because “the data exchanged is not safe.”

What do you think of the excuse given – is it meant to bully RIM into submission, and why would having the servers in Singapore make it any less secure? In fact, if one were to take a walk down the main street of Jakarta or Singapore, surely you would feel safer in the latter and not the former? Hopefully a resolution or compromise will be able to be ironed out soon, as ultimately it would be RIM users who would suffer if there were to be any service shutdown.

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