Oculus Telepresence RobotIf you’ve got a spare Netbook lying around the house and you wish to turn it into something useful instead of letting it collect dust, you might want to check out the Oculus Telepresence Robot. The Oculus Telepresence Robot is an accessory which you can hook up to a netbook and turn it into a telepresence robot. The device will give your netbook a set of wheels to get around, and will take advantage of its webcam to show you what it can see remotely.

The robot is controlled via an external mobile device i.e. a tablet, a smartphone or any PC with a web browser. It is capable of 2-way audio and video, which makes it a suitable candidate for attending meetings when you’re not around, and you can even use it as a remote surveillance device to keep an eye on your home or room. It works best with 11″ or smaller laptops, and is compatible with most laptops, however if you want to make sure – you can ask its creator.

The Oculus Telepresence Robot is currently in its fund crowdsourcing  stage, so if you want to see it become a reality, head over to its Kickstarter page to pre-order one now. Prices start at $225 for the full robot.

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