When packing for a trip, or when packing to leave the hotel room at the end of the trip, we’re sure that a good number of you guys out there may forget to bring your charger along with you. Not only is this highly inconvenient but it could prove to be rather expensive, but LPS is looking to change all of that with Perch.


According to LPS, the Perch would be compact in nature, and as the name suggests, it “perches” between the charger and wall socket. When your device is connected to the charger, Perch will automatically activate and begins “watching your wires”. When you’re done charging and you unplug your device from the charger, apparently Perch will emit a chirping sound which will basically remind you that you still have your charger plugged into the wall socket.

Sounds pretty nifty it’s apparently priced for under $10. No word on when Perch will be released, but if you happen to be at CES next year, Perch will be on display so maybe you could stop by their booth for more information, or check back with us for additional coverage.

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