Seagate is convinced of two things: 1/ that the future of computing is largely going to be mobile and led by tablets and smartphones 2/ that mobile device don’t have nearly enough storage to satisfy the enthusiast market. They are probably right on both counts, especially when it comes to folks who like to walk around with all their music, videos and other content. That’s exactly what the Seagate Wireless Plus external drive aims to solve. In short, this is a WiFi accessible drive (and apps) that can match the 10-hr or so battery life of the high-end mobile devices.It also works with your laptop, and in fact it can support a multi-user (or multi-device) setup: up to 3 video streams can happen at once, and up to 8 WiFi connections can be handled simultaneously. If you want to broadcast your content on the big screen, Seagate Wireless Plus is compatible with Apple Airplay and DLNA. The later is implemented in most recent smart TVs, and Seagate has optimized this device for the Samsung SmartTV experience.

When compared to the last version called Seagate GoFlex Satellite, the Seagate Wireless Plus brings twice the storage (1TB) for the same price ($199), is smaller, has a nicer industrial design (aluminum vs. plastic), gets much improved range (260ft vs. 150ft), 10hrs of battery (vs. 7hrs), and new features such as AirPlay, DLNA, etc… That’s an enormous jump in terms of quality and usability.

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