PlayStation Vita launchOuch: it looks like sales of the PlayStation Vita from Sony hasn’t gone as well as expected. While no official numbers have been released, it has been reported that Sony hasn’t managed to sell off its estimated initial shipment of 700,000 units when it hit the stores last weekend in Japan (December 17th). Some stores have mentioned that they only managed to sell about 85% of their WiFi stock and only 56% for the 3G version.


However, one Sony item did manage to sell out over the weekend: Sony’s proprietary memory cards for the PlayStation Vita (16GB and 32GB) both managed to sell out despite consumers complaining about the higher prices and lack of flexibility. Then again, it’s not like they had a choice. With Sony’s strict rules about one PSN account tied to a memory card, I’m thinking that many consumers shared to purchase a Vita and invested in additional memory cards instead. But let’s wait for official numbers before we determine the console’s success.

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