BBM iconA while back, RIM was being sued over the BBX name (which was originally known as QNX), and ultimately they lost which resulted in the company deciding to rename their new and upcoming platform “Blackberry 10”. Well now it looks like RIM is being sued once more over, and this time it is with regards to the “BBM” name, which many Blackberry users have taken to mean Blackberry Messenger.


It seems that the BBM name actually belongs to a Toronto-based broadcast industry group, BBM Canada, and it would also appear that RIM was informed that the BBM name was taken when they filed for its trademark, but it seems that the company went ahead using its denomination, and apparently even used it with the trademark indicator next to it.

Naturally BBM Canada wasn’t too pleased about this and is now seeking justice in the courts. They have filed for an injunction against RIM from using the BBM denomination are also seeking damages because of this. With the delay of Blackberry 10 and now the lawsuit against one of the more notable features of Blackberry devices, 2012 is looking like a pretty bleak year for RIM.

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