Transparent LCD panels are more often than not the stuff of sci-fi movies, but will they ever make it to our realm and dimension? It seems that the stuff you normally see on the silver screen is now about to arrive in real life, thanks to South Korean technology giants Samsung. We are talking about the Samsung LTI460AP01 transparent LCD, where it obviously works differently from regular LCDs in order to get the job done. Standard LCD panels require BLUs (Back Light Units) as a light source so that they are able to display an image, making BLUs an essential part of a LCD panel. As for transparent LCDs, it does away with BLUs but relies on other available light sources instead such as sunlight and in-door lighting. What about when you prefer watching your movies in the dark? Just activate the transparent BLU, and you are good to go.

This looks set to be quite the hit in markets, and hotels who want to up the ante by offering the latest and the greatest to its guests might also look into transparent LCD panels. Energy efficiency in a transparent LCD display is also rather impressive – whenever the transparent BLU is not activated, the transparent LCD consumes a mere 10% of the electricity that is required by a standard LCD screen of equivalent size.

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