is a free web service that aims at monitoring your privacy and reputation in Facebook. Although most of us have not had a Facebook horror story to share, we have probably heard quite a few. Whether it is to monitor one’s reputation, or protect kids from bullies or predators, it can be very challenging to detect and take action early enough… before the damage is done.

Once a Facebook account has been registered with, the service scans Facebook to detect “questionable content” based on language recognition, or based on user-defined keywords. also uses face recognition to find recently uploaded photos from the “protected” subject,  even if they have not been tagged.

Both of these features may prove useful in case unflattering comments or photos appear online. When that happens, the service sends a notification via email so that the user can check things out, and react if needed. goes even further: it is capable of detecting suspicious links (fishing, scam) on a profile and it can even check the privacy rules and help “optimize privacy”, says At the moment, the service focuses mainly on Facebook, but it is technically possible to expand to other services. works on a freemium model: it is free for a single account which can be scanned manually, but for $7/mo, it is possible to monitor up to 3 accounts, with facial recognition and automatic scan. At the moment, has launched in Germany and already has 50,000 paying subscribers. It is beta in the USA and should be open to the public soon.

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