Here is an interesting method to spruce up retail store shelves – with the use of the Shopper Tracker Kinect hack that was developed by Argentinian developer Agile Route. Shopper Tracker is said to be smart enough to be able to analyze customer movements in order to deliver traffic flow analysis as well as heat maps, letting you see for yourself literally just which particular shelves are the ones that are most popular with shoppers, as well as the most touched items. This can be tied to conversion data by product SKU, where the entire exercise is to assist merchants in optimizing just where products are placed in the confines of their physical stores.

At this moment, one of the ways to obtain similar market research would be to have merchants fork out some dough for observers to get the job done, or to use equipment and rely on surveys which are not only expensive, but potentially inaccurate as well. There is also the issue of influencing the behavior of the people they’re studying, and all those mentioned cons are not associated with the Shopper Tracker in any way, allowing it to even track multiple shoppers simultaneously round the clock.

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