The popular entertainment app ‘TikTok” has been on the radar of US officials for a long time. Some believe that the TikTok app might come in handy for the Chinese government to spy on the United States.

As consumers – we cannot make a comment for its potential security (or safety) without inspecting everything needed.

However, following guidance from the Pentagon, the US Army has banned the usage of the TikTok app on government phones. The US Army was informed of the security risks (including exposure of personal information) and banned the usage of the service accordingly.

So, if you have a device issued by the government for some reason – you cannot use TikTok on it.

Originally, it was believed that the US Army utilized the app to recruit people – however, they just do not want you to use the TikTok app (on government phones).

Not just limited to the army, but the US Navy has also banned TikTok considering the security concerns associated with it. It is also worth noting that this ban is completely limited to the government-issued phones only.

You can continue using the app on your personal phones, but with caution. We cannot be sure if the ban follows a country-wide ban in the near future – however, we shall keep an eye out for that.

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