Vuzix has gone ahead to roll out their VR Manager 4, where this software upgrade will enable Vuzix VR users to create extensions which will add 3D stereoscopic video capability as well as head tracking support to a host of Direct X and Open GL applications and games, where among them would include the huge commercial hit Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that has already garnered more than $1 billion in sales. This would mean that users need not be reliant on game developers or Vuzix to create extensions which will pave the way for head-tracking and 3D gameplay.

Paul Travers, CEO of Vuzix Corporation, said, “VR Manager 4 opens the door to immersive gaming in a way never before thought possible. Consumers now have the power to decide what games they will play in 3D or with head-tracking and share the applications they create with the world.” Vuzix’s VR Extensions Exchange will function as an online community, where one is able to upload and download both Vuzix and Creator (user generated) Extensions. Community members will also be on the receiving end of a free lightshield for uploading a new extension. Expect VR Manager 4 to ship with all VR compatible Vuzix Eyewear models, and if you want to download it, it is yours for free here.

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