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Vuzix Unveils M400 Smart Glasses Aimed At Enterprise Users
Smart glasses have yet to break into the mainstream. Google had several years ago attempted to bring smart glasses to the mainstream with the Google Glass, but we all know how that turned out. However what was interesting is that despite it failing to become a hit with consumers, it actually proved to be a hit in the enterprise sector.

Vuzix AR Smart Glasses Go On Sale For $999
Vuzix unveiled its Blade augmented reality smart glasses at the Consumer Electronics Show last year. We haven’t heard much about the device since then and some might have relegated it to the bin that’s full of devices that get shown at CES but don’t materialize. Almost a year after it was first shown off, Vuzix has now started selling the Blade AR smart glasses to the public.

Vuzix M300XL Smart Glasses Now Available For Purchase
When Google Glass was first announced, it seemed like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. There was a lot of hype surrounding the headset, but yet for some reason it never quite took. However in its wake of the program shutting down, it actually found a new lease on life and started gaining popularity in the enterprise sector.

Vuzix Launches First Digital Glasses With Alexa
Despite its robust hardware division, Amazon won’t be the first company to launch a pair of digital glasses that are Alexa-enabled. It’s going to be Vuzix. This 75-employee company is going to showcase its new augmented reality glasses with the Alexa voice assistant at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas next week.


Vuzix M3000 Smart Glasses Makes A Splash This CES 2017
Vuzix continues to spearhead the smart glasses market in the wearable technology industry, where the new M3000 smart glasses has been announced. This is the latest pair of smart glasses from Vuzix, and it is certainly worth checking out if you would like to explore the possibility of augmenting what you see with modern marvels.

Vuzix iWearHD Ready For Pre-Order
[CEATEC 2015] Vuzix, a name that has been associated with video eyewear for the longest time, has shown off their iWearHD video headphones on the showfloor, citing that it is available for pre-order at the moment fro 60,000 Yen before taxes. This video headset had already picked up its fair share of accolades earlier in the year and it is nice to see that it is finally up for pre-order […]

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses To Incorporate Nokia HERE Maps
Vuzix, one of the leading suppliers of video eyewear and smart glasses products where the consumer, commercial and entertainment markets are concerned, have just announced that it has signed up with HERE regarding a licensing agreement , where the latter happens to be a leader in mapping, navigation and location experiences. The gist of the agreement? In order to have Vuzix smart glasses incorporate maps and location platform services from […]

XOEye Works With Vuzix To Deliver New Smart Glasses
Have you heard of XOEye Technologies before? They happen to be a leading enterprise wearables solutions company that has the vision to reshape both industrial business processes and data capture, and in their partnership with Vuzix, a company that handles video eyewear and smart glasses in the consumer, commercial and entertainment segments, this synergistic partnership intends to see the end result of delivering custom, end-to-end enterprise wearable technology implementations that […]

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses Available On
Vuzix Corporation, the company behind many a video eyewear as well as smart glasses when it comes to the consumer, commercial and entertainment markets, has just announced that they will be making available a special prosumer version of its award-winning M100 Smart Glasses, and this unique pair of glasses will be up for purchase on – on an exclusive basis for a grand.

APX Labs Enterprise Software for Smart Glasses and Myo Armband
APX Labs are the developer of the Skylight Platform, a software that companies use to create smart glasses applications. During a briefing at DreamForce conference, APX Labs CEO Brian Ballard showed me a demo of the integration of an application for maintenance powered by Sales Force and integrated with APX Labs software on Google Glass and the Myo gesture UI armband (see my photo in the full article and check […]

Vuzix Smart Glasses Get Offline Nuance Voice Control
Vuzix is a name that I am quite sure many of us are familiar with now, where they happen to deliver a range of video eyewear as well as smart glasses, targeting the consumer, commercial and entertainment markets. Well, today marks the release of OS 2.0, which is the new generation of its software platform that will cater for the acclaimed Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses.

Vuzix M2000AR First Smartglasses To Use Waveguide Optical Technology
With the trend of wearable gadgets catching on, we’re bound to see some great products come out next year. These products will obviously depend upon breakthroughs in technology, and today Vuzix announced a major optical breakthrough that will radically improve glasses-based wearable devices. With the announcement of Vuzix M2000AR HMD, the company is showing off its new Waveguide optics engine developed in collaboration of Nokia. Waveguide enables smart eyewear technology […]

NTT docomo’s Vuzix M100 Hands-On
[CEATEC 2013] We spent some time with the Vuzix M100 smart glasses before the super long queues were formed, and here are some of our impressions on it. The hardware is based off the Vuzix M100 of course, but the software was powered by NTT docomo. We mentioned in passing that this particular pair of glasses would be able to identify someone’s face using facial recognition technology, before it communicates […]

Vuzix And NTT DoCoMo Will Feature M100 Smart Glasses At CEATEC 2013
Vuzix and NTT DoCoMo will team up at CEATEC 2013 that is set to happen next week, where they will let the curious masses check out the M100 smart glasses. That would certainly give the folks over at Google something to think about, wouldn’t you say so? The M100 smart glasses is set to roll out later in the year, so to have it featured at Japan’s biggest electronics show […]