Vuzix unveiled its Blade augmented reality smart glasses at the Consumer Electronics Show last year. We haven’t heard much about the device since then and some might have relegated it to the bin that’s full of devices that get shown at CES but don’t materialize. Almost a year after it was first shown off, Vuzix has now started selling the Blade AR smart glasses to the public.

Ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas, Vuzix has now started taking orders for the Blade. It’s priced at $999, that’s the same price tag that the device was introduced with back at CES 2018. Users get to see a miniature display in their line of sight when they’re wearing these smart glasses.

The Vuzix blade relies on the display projection technique that’s not too different from the Magic Leap One headset. The projected display is then used for mirror phone notifications and running some basic apps. It’s basically a more refined version of Google Glass as it achieves most of what that Google wearable did as well. However, its display is of a higher resolution, happens to be in full color with a wider field of view.

Vuzix has actually been sending out developer units of this device since last year but it’s now selling a consumer version at last. Those who are interested in picking one up can place an order through Vuzix’s website.

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