Despite its robust hardware division, Amazon won’t be the first company to launch a pair of digital glasses that are Alexa-enabled. It’s going to be Vuzix. This 75-employee company is going to showcase its new augmented reality glasses with the Alexa voice assistant at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas next week.

Amazon has confirmed to Bloomberg that Vuzix’s device is the first product of its kind with Alexa. It’s “excited about the potential of the glasses and the ability to bring Alexa to customers in a new way.”

This isn’t the first pair of smartglasses that Vuzix has ever made. The company has been doing this for years actually. The new pair is different as it’s the first Alexa-enabled pair.

Users will apparently be able to ask Alexa questions they way they do on any other Alexa-enabled device and the glasses will then show the results on the display. For example, if the user asks Alexa for directions, it will display them as a map on the augmented reality screen.

Vuzix is going to release these AR glasses in the second quarter of this year for about $1000. It’s a high price point but the company is hoping to have it under $500 by 2019.

It remains to be seen whether Amazon will ever launch its own pair of Alexa-enabled smart glasses. It certainly won’t surprise anyone if it does.

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