You know those “try before you buy” sales pitch that some companies employ, hoping that a little bit of “investment” upfront would reap dividends down the road? Well, times have changed, and with it, technology has progressed to such a state where you are able to now “preview” what your wall would look like with decorations – before signing off your credit card. Realview technology will enable you to check out see Zazzle Prints and Wrapped Canvas on your own walls prior to a purchase decision, and you can give it a go with any Poster, Print, or WrappedCanvas on Zazzle. It is going to be tough for those who find it hard to make decisions, since there are more than 80 different frames and 40 different mats to go through as well. Zazzle Realview is so realistic, you might actually be fooled but for a moment into thinking that the print is already hanging right up there in your room. Now this is one use of augmented reality that has clearly won me over, how about you?

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