Yahoo seems to be on a downward slide, as Microsoft’s Bing search engine is right now behind Google, overtaking Yahoo in the process. Search is considered by many to be the Internet’s most lucrative market, and Bing managed to garner 2.75 billion search requests in the US last December, pushing it past Yahoo for the first time, according to statistics released by comScore Inc. This volume would see Bing own a 15.1% share of the US search traffic, while Yahoo managed only 14.5% at 2.65 billion search requests. Of course, Microsoft’s Bing is not going to overtake Google anytime soon since Google remains far in front, with a figure of 12 billion US requests, entrenching it firmly in its place with a 65.9% market share. Hopefully Yahoo would not go belly up eventually, as the company is one of the pioneers of the dot com boom, and it would be a sad day if Yahoo leaves the building.

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