How come we are often led to believe that when it comes to choosing a life partner or friends, we are entitled to either looks or brains? Why not both? Now, robots might pique your curiosity but they certainly do not make everyone want to come up to them and start a conversation. Heck, I would say that clowns have a higher success rate of doing so with other humans than robots do, so in order to level the playing field, some folks at the MIT Media Lab decided to bring to life a robot that appeals to our desire for cuteness – releasing a robot that uses its adorable looks instead of artificial intelligence in order to carry out a conversation with humans.

Known as Boxie, this robot does seem to be inspired by Wall-E in some way or another, carrying around a box which is its excuse for a head, using wheels to navigate through our world while featuring wide-set eyes that might just melt most hearts, although it is still a far cry from Puss’ super cute kitten eyes. Boxie basically goes around in a clumsy manner, wobbling its cardboard head and calling out for attention in a toddler-like voice. I guess this could be a robotic assassin by relying on its cuteness to draw in its prey, and upon positive identification, administer the killing blow without the victim knowing any better.

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