With so many war games being made available to the console and PC platforms, it makes perfect sense then, for gaming peripheral manufacturer CTA Digital introduce the fruits of their partnership with the US Army – by rolling out US Army branded video game accessories. You can pick up plastic rifle controllers, backpacks and headsets that will come with an authentic US Army design in order to up the realism ante while your adrenaline is pumping in the middle of the living room, but bear in mind that when you are lying down on your bed in the middle of the night, thinking about how Captain America was feeling like before he received the Super Soldier serum, carrying a fake gun does not have any glory any more.

Still, those who are interested in the peripherals can choose from the Elite Force Assault Rifle, Commando Assault Rifle and Sniper Action Rifle (PlayStation 3 only) for the PlayStation 3 & Move, coupled with the Universal Gaming Backpack that will cater for Wii, PS3, Xbox & Kinect gamers. As for the Universal Gaming Headset With 3D Effect, PS3, Xbox & PC gamers will benefit from this, while PS3 and PC owners will settle for the Bluetooth Throat Mic Headset, and Xbox 360 fans have the Throat Mic Headset instead. [Press Release]

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