I still remember back in the day when I enjoyed my Sony Walkman that actually ran on cassettes (if you do not know what cassettes are, surely you are part of the Justin Bieber lovin’ generation), and earphone technology was still in its infancy. Well, time and technology have certainly aged well together, where you now have high quality earphones which will definitely plunge you headlong into your favorite artist’s track without missing a beat, and there is also the tendency to pump the volume levels up without realizing that it is harmful to your ears until it is too late. Etymotic’s ETY*Kids Safe-Listening Earphones hopes that this does not happen to your kids, where it will never exceed safe levels of audio, letting parents rest easy. Of course, who are we to say that kids would be mischevious enough to own their own pair of headphones and use those while you are not watching? Expect to see Etymotic parade their range of ETY*Kids Safe-Listening Earphones at CES 2012 later next week. [Press Release]

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