[CES 2012] When Gorilla Glass was first introduced to the world, I for one, thought it was more or less indestructible, but found out to my horror when my HTC Sensation dropped onto concrete one fine day from my hip’s height, only to find the Gorilla Glass display cracked across like Spiderman’s mask design. Gorilla Glass is tough, but I suspect the rigidity of it all might make it an easy target for cracks when dropped. Well, it is nice to hear that Corning is going to announce its Gorilla Glass 2 at CES in Las Vegas at the turn of the week, and obviously being a successor, this will be lighter and stronger than before.

Right now, over half a billion devices around the world rely on Gorilla Glass as a mark of quality for its display, testifying just how impressive it is. Of course, there are detractors to Gorilla Glass as well, but I cannot wait to see what the sequel to Gorilla Glass is able to bring. Corning is said to demonstrate the toughness of Gorilla Glass 2 by unveiling an 82″ touchscreen display there as well. What are they going to do – throw darts?

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