[CES 2012] Griffin has teamed up with Crayola to deliver a new range of kid-friendly mobile accessories, where the Crayola MyPhones will lead the 2012 lineup as it comes in a couple of styles – you can choose from earbuds and headphones. Regardless of which route you take, they will still come with built-in volume-limiting circuitry so that sound pressure levels can be kept at a safe point that is recommended for young (and still developing) ears. After all, you still want your kids to hear you when you ask them to come to the dinner table while they are enjoying an overload of Justin Bieber, right?

Crayola MyPhones Earbuds will intend to appeal to the little ones thanks to its availability in a range of bright colors, which will feature Crayola’s iconic design. Each set of earbuds is accompanied by its own carrying case that is shaped after a Crayola crayon, where opening it will reveal the pair of earbuds and a trio of sizes of soft silicone ear cushions. You can choose from purple pizzazz, cotton candy, caribbean green and blue berry for $14.99 each.

As for the kid-friendly and durable Crayola MyPhones Headphones, they will fit over the ears to make your little one look cute, while ensuring nothing enters the ear canal. Stickers are included in each set alongside Crayola markers for kids to customize their headphones in a unique way. Out this spring, you can select from a couple of color combinations – pink/purple and blue/green, where they will cost you $24.99.

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