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Griffin Unveils New USB-C Docking Station
These days we’re starting to see laptop makers like Apple and Google make their laptops even more minimalist than ever. Take for example the new MacBooks from Apple, where they come with less than a handful of ports, and even then those ports are all USB-C, which means that unless you own a bunch of USB-C devices, chances are you’ll be dealing with a bunch of dongles.

Griffin Gets Into Home Appliances With The Griffin Home Collection
[CES 2017] Griffin is a company many are familiar with when it comes to accessories for their mobile devices. The company creates all kinds of accessories ranging from cases to cables, but it seems that they have decided to expand their offerings by announcing Griffin Home. This is a new lineup of Griffin products that are basically smart home appliances.

Griffin Announces 100W Hi-Power Breakaway Cable For MacBook Pro
[CES 2017] Apple has come up with many great inventions in the past, like the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, and so on. However if there is one invention that many can agree was a clever idea, it would be the MagSafe cable for charging laptops, in which thanks to a magnetic connection, laptops crashing to the floor after tripping on the cable became a thing of the past.

Incipio Announces Acquisition Of Accessory Make Griffin
When it comes to accessories for smartphones, tablets, and laptops, brands like Incipio, Incase, Griffin, Spigen, and etc. get thrown around a lot. However it looks like the accessories world just got a bit smaller because accessory maker Incipio has announced that they will be acquiring Griffin, another accessory maker.


Griffin BreakSafe MacBook Cable Available April 25
Just a couple of days ago, Apple refreshed its 12-inch MacBook lineup. While the laptop might sport an incredibly portable design and decent battery life, one of the gripes many have had about it was the fact that it lacked ports. The laptop only offered up a single USB-C port which is used for plugging peripherals and charging.

Griffin Launches Keychain Power Bank For The Apple Watch
Smartwatches like the Apple Watch have been rated to last about a day. However if you’re a heavy user of the watch and you do more than just check the time, then chances are you could run out of battery before the day ends. If you absolutely need to have the watch active throughout the day, then a power bank could be what you need.The good news is that at […]

Griffin Unveils New Protective Case For The Apple TV Remote
Not only has the new Apple TV gotten a hardware upgrade, but its remote has been entirely redesigned as well. No longer is it just a tool for pressing play, pause, forwards, backwards, and etc., but it can now double up as a trackpad and even be used to play games on the Apple TV device.Given its new features, it means that breaking it and replacing the remote might prove […]

Griffin Turns To Crowdfunding For Its Cove Charging Station
[youtubed=]It is safe to say that many do not like seeing charging cables strewn across the floor or table because it looks very messy, this is why charging docks and wireless charging – anything to reduce the amount of cables – tend to be popular. Now if you’re after a neat charging solution, you’re in luck as Griffin might have something for you.The company has recently announced the Cove which […]

Griffin Twenty Is The Company's Latest Audio Amplifier
Looking to help boost your audio? For those who are serious about their audio quality, getting a dedicate audio amplifier is a step towards that direction and if you’re looking for a new audio amplifier, you’re in luck as Griffin has recently announced the Twenty. This is the latest audio product from Griffin and it is also an audio amplifier that will play nicely with a variety of devices.Not just […]

Griffin Unveils Host Of Mobile Charging Accessories
If you’re looking for some new mobile accessories, you’re in luck because at CES 2015, Griffin has announced a handful of them. These mobile accessories include mostly charging devices that will charge your smartphone/tablet, whether you choose to charge it at home or while on the go.Starting with the PowerDock Pro, this is a redesign of the PowerDock 5 and will allow users to charge up to 5 devices at […]

Griffin Unveils Wired Keyboard Accessory For iOS Devices
Most, if not all of the iPad keyboard accessories we’ve seen to date are of the wireless variety. It makes sense, after all, since unlike computers, iPads do not have USB ports in which keyboards can plug into. However it seems that Griffin has decided to set themselves apart from the pack by announcing the Griffin Wired Keyboard for iOS devices.Yes, you read that right, in a world in which […]

Griffin MultiDock Updated To Charge A Variety Of Mobile Devices
We’ve seen Griffin’s MultiDock evolve over the years from its more humble beginnings as a device that would allow you to sync and charge your iOS devices all at once. Today, Griffin is announcing a new and improved MultiDock that might finally look nice in your minimalist-style office.

Moto X Gets PowerDock Accessory By Griffin
It was just earlier we reported on the $20 Moto Skip accessory for the recently announced Moto X, and if you were looking for more accessories to dress your phone up with, Griffin has announced the PowerDock accessory for the Moto X. As you can see in the image above, the PowerDock is essentially a dock for the Moto X smartphone and will come with a base with a built-in […]

Griffin PowerDock 5 Will Charge Up To 5 iOS Devices At Once
If you have multiple iOS devices that need charging and you’d like to charge them all “neatly”, Griffin might have the solution for you in the form of the PowerDock 5. As you can see in the image above, the PowerDock 5 will charge up to 5 iOS devices simultaneously with each USB port putting out 10 watts and 2.1 amps which should be enough to charge your collection of […]

Griffin's Crayola Light Marker For The iPad Lets Your Kids "Paint" With Light
If you’re looking for a new way to keep your kids entertained with the iPad, Griffin has announced the Crayola Light Marker which allows children to paint with light, a technique which many photographers are probably familiar with, although in this case it is done with the iPad and some accompanying apps that will support it. Basically while the accompanying app is running on the tablet, all your kid would […]

Griffin Unveils A Host Of Accessories For The Samsung Galaxy S4
If you’re planning on picking up the Samsung Galaxy S4, chances are you probably want to get some accessories to go along with it, whether it be a new case, an additional charger, or maybe a car charger for those constantly on the move. Whatever the case is, Griffin has you covered as they have unveiled a host of Samsung Galaxy S4 devices that may or may not appeal to […]

Griffin MouthStick Stylus Arrives
For those who are living with some sort of physical disability, such as the loss of limbs or being unable to use them due to stroke or paralysis, will be pleased to know that the world has not forgotten about them when it comes to using touchscreen devices. The Griffin MouthStick Stylus has just debuted, where it will help expand the world of tablets, paving the way for touchscreen and […]

Griffin Intros New Kiosk Retail And POS Solutions For Businesses
[CES 2013] Griffin Technology is expanding its products geared for businesses by adding two new point of sale (POS) solutions. Retail stores and restaurants are the main targets here. Griffin hopes that by introducing these solutions, business will appreciate the perfect balance of access and security that these POS solutions offer. Griffin has partnered with point of sale system providers ShopKeep POS and POSiOS to launch new solutions for the […]

Griffin's WoodTones Audio Accessories Receive New Styles, Colors And Functionality In 2013
[CES 2013] Griffin’s WoodTones line of audio accessories has been pleasing the ears of its eco-friendly users for almost a year now and is receiving some new styles, colors and functionality in its 2013 line of products.One of the first products Griffin is improving from its WoodTones line is its WoodTones Headphones, which will now have a built-in microphone that has controls built into it that allow users to accept incoming calls, […]

Griffin Introduces Line Of Kid-Friendly iOS Accessories, Apps At CES
 [CES 2013] No matter how much you believe you own your iPad or iPhone, if you have a young lad or lass running around, you know it’s really their device that they lend to you every so often. Which means you should really consider checking out some accessories for them for the moments when they decide they need “their” iPad or iPhone more than you do. Griffin has got you […]