[CES 2012] Haier takes the Minority Report route with their transparent HDTVs this CES, where you will be able to choose from a 22″ or 46″ model, depending on your budget (as well as size of your room). Both of them are OLED TVs, sporting a rather alternative resolution of 1680 x 1050, and is said to be 15% more efficient in terms of power consumption compared to your regular LED TV. Apart from that, do expect decent viewing angles even from the side, and with a 5ms response time, you can watch action movies as well as sports on these puppies without missing a beat. Too bad Haier did not bother to play back any content, presumably because the display comes with a mere 8-bit color depth, and this is something that definitely needs plenty of work on before it is released to the masses. Another issue with transparent TVs would be the need for some kind of lighting in order to illuminate the display. One does seem to need an extremely bright light source located behind the transparent display, otherwise the image shown would most probably be really dark. One thing though – being transparent carries the risks of accidentally waving your hand “through” the TV, which might result in breakage of your heart as well as the transparent TV itself.

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