Don’t you think that it is rather ironic for Twitter, a brand that has a bird for its mascot, to be used by a cat? Most of the time, we see cats in comics and cartoons sporting a couple of feathers in their mouth, marking the success of their most recent hunting expedition. Well, this is one ‘bird’ that they might not be able to get enough of, going to show that birds might just have far more lives than the 9 which the cat possesses. Check out the Kitty Twitty, a DIY project that comes encased in wood, where it will hold the precious innards that contain all the relevant parts that will ensure your feline friend tweets you each time it plays with it.

Of course, Arduino circuitry comes into play here, where Mark de Vinck managed to squeeze in a switchboard into the tiny space within the wooden box, allowing it to instantly send messages over Twitter. There is also a wire and a cat toy attached to the Kitty Twitty so that little Garfield would be interested in having some fun with it. Do you think your pet cat would enjoy swatting away at this the entire day?

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