Mad Catz Fightstick Street Fighter Tekken

While pairing up arcade fight sticks with your living room console lets you recreate the arcade experience, it’s still not the same thing. Mad Catz, gaming accessory specialists, realize this and have come up with a solution to the problem. The company will be rolling out a special edition of its Street Fighter X Tekken FightStick line that lets users hook up a pair (or more) of sticks together to recreate those intense shoulder-to-shoulder battles only available on arcade machines.

However if you have games that support more than two players (i.e. Ninja Turtles), and you have enough Mad Catz FightSticks to go around, you can string up a whole line of additional controllers for 4-player games. The controllers are joined at the base via an additional metal strip and make great additions to MAME cabinets. The Mad Catz FightStick will cost about $200 each. Find out more.

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