Oil spills are one of the most environmentally damaging events known to man, and cleaning it up is expensive and time consuming business. Since we have advanced in so many ways technologically over the years, it makes perfect sense then, if there were similar advancements made in cleaning up oil spills. Scientists have managed to come up with a special soap which could just get the job done – and done right, as it responds to magnets. Materials that the soap dissolves are attracted together, and with the help of a magnetic field, they can be removed in a jiffy.

Experts are looking into the feasibility of developing a similar kind of soap for it to see action on a larger scale, with the hope of implementing it during clean up operations in the event of an oil spill. Currently, scientists say that the soap is still at the laboratory stages, but at least they are making progress in ensuring the efficiency level has increased. Let us keep our fingers crossed that they will succeed in their mission, and Captain Planet can at least take a day off after that.

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