Let’s face it, after the hours of gaming, not to mention the eating of snacks to accompany your gaming sessions, it is safe to assume that your gaming controllers can hardly be thought of sanitary. Sure you could always wipe them down but what’s the point especially if your grimy hands are going to be all over them again, right? Well in case you’re not in the habit of washing your hands with soap, perhaps these gaming controller shaped soap bars might change your mind! Not only are these soaps gamer friendly, but they are apparently vegan friendly too and contain no ingredients taken from animals.

In case you couldn’t identify the controllers above, they belong to the NES, SNES, the Genesis, PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, with the former two priced at $16 while the remaining three will cost you $21 each. They are admittedly pretty pricey as far as soap is concerned, but given the level of detail in each soap bar, they might be better off as displayed rather than actually being used. For those interested, you can pop on over to Firebox and place your pre-orders.

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