Smart contact lensesNot content with just invading your living room, smartphone and computer with its products, it looks like Microsoft wants to be there in every aspect of your life. It has been reported that Microsoft Research and the University of Washington are working together to develop smart contact lenses. These lenses will feature electronics that are capable of functions such as monitoring blood sugar levels wirelessly.


The use of these contact lenses can hopefully one day replace the painful procedure of having to pierce a patient’s skin with a spring loaded needle for Type 1 diabetics who need to keep an eye on their blood sugar levels constantly. The contact lenses will then transmit data wirelessly to a local device like a smartphone for users to check out their own readings. However, Microsoft hopes that subsequent generations of the lenses will display information on itself to eliminate the need for a secondary device.

No word on when it will hit the market, but Microsoft wants to get it out “as soon as everything is ready”. Check out a video demonstration of these smart contact lenses.

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