Jon Rubinstein is a name that is famous among the consumer electronics industry, where he is famously known for developing the original iPod for Apple as well as being the CEO behind Palm, where we did see him in action before as he took to the stage at CES 2009 and 2010 to introduce new phones and products for the Palm market. Well, all good things come to and end, and sometimes when things do not work out either, those too, should have an amicable parting – and Jon Rubinstein has just done that, after fulfilling his commitment to HP.

The once senior vice president for product innovation for the Personal Systems Group at HP did not reveal his future plans on just what he intends to do, but there are rumors flying around that he wants to take a break from it all at the moment. Sounds fair enough, and I am quite sure that Rubinstein has earned more than enough over the years in order to take a long vacation without worrying about whether there is going to be any money in the bank left at the end of the month. Good luck in your future endeavors, Jon!

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