Galaxy Tab 7.0N PlusLast year, Apple successfully got sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab banned in Germany due to the fact that the tablet looked too similar to its own iPad. To circumvent the ban, Samsung had to come up with a redesigned tablet, and it looks like Samsung has managed to pull it off. First it redesigned the Tab 10.1 and released the Tab 10.1N, and now it has come up with the Tab 7.0N Plus – a redesign of the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.

The 7″ Android tablet now features a redone bezel with a visible metallic frame with visible integrated speakers (as if the Samsung logo on the front of the tablet wasn’t enough to give it away) but Samsung should now be safe from Apple’s lawyers. No word on whether the Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus will be released out of Germany but if Samsung receives more injunctions from Apple, I guess you can expect to see it popping up in other places as well. What do you think of the tablet’s redesign?

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