samsung SmartCam [CES 2012] Few people know it, but Samsung Techwin has quite an array for pro/semi-pro surveillance cameras, but the Samsung WiFi Surveillance Camera is a product for home users who want something that is easy to setup. This product basically provide a wireless solution to remotely see what’s going on in your home or office.


To simplify the setup, Samsung has chosen to use WPS, a wireless security technique that is supported by many wireless routers. WPS allows users to pair the Samsung WiFi Surveillance Camera with the network by simply pressing a “wps” button on the router and camera. There is no computer involved and the passwords are randomly generated, so you won’t even have to type it. The idea behind WPS is that one needs to have physical access to your router to use your network.

samsung SmartCam

With the Samsung WiFi Surveillance Camera, users don’t have to setup Network Address Translation (NAT) to view the video from outside the home. Instead, Samsung is providing a web service located at which takes care of knowing what your IP address is etc… There is no software to install, and the service can support an unlimited number of cameras. Additionally, Android and iOS apps provide a remote access to the live videos.

The camera can capture video in 640×480 at 30fps (in H.264) and even has an infra-red illuminator for surveillance in complete-darkness (15 feet max). Finally, the camera has two-way audio capabilities, which can be very convenient.

Finally, the camera can even record clips, auto-upload them to Youtube and send a notification to the owner. The YouTube choice is interesting because it effectively creates an unlimited video storage *for free*. On the other hand, make sure to setup that account properly so that your surveillance videos don’t end up in a public area of the site.

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