The Sega Saturn is not one of the more famous and well loved consoles from Japanese gaming firm Sega back in the day when they still made consoles (and awesome ads – remember the tagline, that “Sega does what Nintendon’t”?), but I am quite sure that no matter how misunderstood or unpopular a particular console was, it still has its fair share of fans. At least one developer out there has a heart for the Sega Saturn, and intends to port a working emulator to the Android platform. Known as the Yabause emulator, it performs rather decently when it comes to handling Sega’s complex old Saturn architecture on Linux, Windows and other desktop formats, although to have it work just the same on Android has proven rather tricky.

The developer has a disclaimer that says, “This is a very crude initial build, and it runs insanely slow. On top of that, the emulator doesn’t actually load the CD image.” Well, at least it is a start, and I suppose it will still take a fair bit of time before a fully working emulator is introduced to the masses.

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