floppycloudBoth NES and SNES emulators have come and gone on the App Store, where they are removed almost as quickly as they are put up by the ever watchful eyes of the App Store moderators. This means having to lie in wait patiently, and keeping one’s ears attuned to the buzz on the ground. It does seem as though it is a good Christmas for those who are on the lookout for such emulators on the App Store as Floppy Cloud, which is capable of handling both NES and SNES ROMs, has arrived on the iOS App Store, managing to last a full day before it was pulled. Perhaps this is due to the moderation team being off for their Christmas holidays, but it definitely is an opportune moment to release the app.

This emulator would wear the hat of that of a file management app, where it technically “manages” ROMs in a manner where you are able to play with them. How does Floppy Cloud work? Well, it will first connect to Dropbox, which is where you stash away your collection of .nes and .smc files, with the ability to run those files. How convenient of a ruse, don’t you think so? For those who have managed to get it before it was pulled, kudos – otherwise, other folks will just have to sit tight and wait for the next time something like this happens. Which might not be for a very, very long time, actually.

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