c64-ouyaIt was yesterday when we brought you word that the Ouya console which runs on the Android operating system is able to support emulators of older classic consoles, too, Well, this $99 console can be said to be the console that could, where apart from running Android games on your spanking new HDTV, it also has enough firepower underneath the hood to run as a classic computer. In fact, developer Paul Lamb has been sweating his brains out to port the open source Frodo C64 emulator so that it will play nice on the Ouya, and if you would prefer to translate that to simple English, it means you will treat the Ouya console the same way as that of a Commodore 64 computer.

Of course, with the Ouya possessing naturally better hardware compared to the original C64, it should be able to run the emulator without running into performance issues, assuming that the port is successful, of course. In fact, Lamb is also responsible for porting the Mupen64 Nintendo 64 emulator to run on the Ouya. Would this cause the Ouya’s price to make it worth its weight in gold?

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